Trading results for 3 months

( 2017.11.23 – 2018.03.06 )


The secret of successful trading in the currency market Forex! This strategy is very simple. Very simple and accessible information. It’s very simple, even if you have never traded in Forex. To achieve such a high ratio of profitable trades, namely: the definition of a template for the trading system, the adjustment of the necessary tools took 12 years (about 20,000 hours) of work!

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    1. Hi, the basis for trading system patterns, levels, cycles, mathematical manipulation.All the tools that I use are not classic.Classic tools lose money, always. Also I do not use trend, I do not care what trend is now.

    1. Hi,now you can not enroll in the training.The course will be available in a few days, after the update.Information on the cost of training i sent to mail.

  1. hello,
    can I buy a trading system, only PDF files????
    I have a lot of experience on forex 7years, for me enough pdf files

  2. Ladies and gentlemen traders. Regardless of the newcomer or professional you can visit my master class of live trade, SKYPE. Trading is tomorrow 7 am GMT, the currency pair is the EURUSD. Available 1 seat. Everything is free.

  3. Very interesting, I’m thinking about buying a course, i hope it’s not very expensive. Can I get more information on the mail?

    1. Hello.
      1. My trading system for motivated and executive people who know how to follow the rules.
      2. My trading system for people who are not afraid to change their lives and to be engaged in forex all life.
      3. If you have the slightest doubt then it is not for you. You should know clearly what you want.
      4. Look again at your decision, maybe you do not need training. Study the graph and you will find your patterns.Maybe you’ll spend 1 year, maybe 10 years, maybe all your life (in any case it’s free for you)….
      5. The course is not available the next few days. I am traveling……

        1. Hello. Until the end of this week, the training course is not available. There are 2 reasons. 1) I’m still traveling. 2) There is no place for training. I physically can not accept more students. I’m sorry.

  4. Hi, who uses the trading system please give feedback. I’m interested in the following questions: what is the profitability? what risk? What is the need to have an initial balance? how long does it take to keep track of the chart?Please write to me:

  5. Hi, i want to buy a course. Is it possible to divide the payment into parts? I have to be sure that this is what I need.

    1. Hello, yes the payment can be divided into parts, it is safe for the student.In the first lesson, you will see the progress.

  6. hi Sir.
    I got a lot of information about the course and I’m ready to buy.Can I pay for the course from bitcoin purse?

  7. Hi, I made the payment yesterday morning and did not receive an answer. The transaction number is 365890204. Please give an answer to my mail.

  8. Hello author, I saw your skype lesson. I really liked the trading system. Can I divide the payment into parts ???

  9. Hello Mr. I will like to have a brief set up or strategy that you use to trade. You can email a simple guide to my email.

  10. Hello, I found your information on a Youtube entry of you. I found your words great, can send me more detail?
    Can I get a free consultation or lesson?

  11. Здравствуйте могу ли я получить на почту подробную информацию о вашей торговой системе?

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