How it works ?

KING EURUSD – perhaps the most stable and profitable trading system for trading in the Forex market. The system was tested in manual mode for a period of more than 12 years, the euro dollar currency pair and showed excellent results. The last few years I have been actively using this system without changes. Some minor additions only increased the number of profitable trades. The main components of the system remained without change.
The main components of the trading system are the *KING EURUSD*:
The main tools are a pattern for buying and selling and areas for buying and selling, as well as several additional tools. Timeframes for entering the market M1, M5 (they give the most accurate and safe entrance to the market). Timeframes for which I determine the zones of buying and selling are H1, M30.
The average SL is 10 points, in some cases 2-3 points. The average TP is 15-30 points, with a high market activity of 40-70 points. Trading at the day, I calmly go to bed, because I have all the transactions closed. If strictly follow the conditions of the algorithm, the system gives about 90% of profitable trades.
My trading day.
1) I note news on the terminal.
2) I find areas for purchases, sales and draw a red line.
3) I wait for the price near the zone I need.
4) When the price has approached the zone I need, I will use the pattern to enter the market (the pattern is the cluster of candles that I need).
5) If the pattern exists and the algorithm condition is met, I enter the market.
6) Accompanying the transaction and fixing the profit is also according to my algorithm.
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